5 places to see before you die

You might not know that your hometown and its surrounding cities hold an immeasurable count of amazing places that anybody could consider a must see, now imagine how many places are in the entire world that might change your life with a visit. This is why most travelers have a hard time deciding where to go when planning a trip, there is so much to see. But the following read is here to help you, even when it wasn’t easy for us to come up with the best 5 places to see before you die.

Let’s start with The Great Apple. New York is the biggest city on Earth, where many of our favorite movies take place. This large city is the heart of the United States as its culture is reflected everywhere. There you can find some outstanding places such as the Central Park, the MoMA, the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Yankee Stadium and a lot of other places that will make you understand why Frank Sinatra loved so much the city to the point of dedicating its most famous song to it.

This is not about a place as a whole, but an experience. Being on an African Safari is one of the most exciting things a human can do. The contact with nature at the African Savannah, getting to see endangered and outstanding species that once were only reachable by the TV changes your way to see the world. There are many safaris out there such as the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Okavango Delta in Botswana, a magical place where Harry and Meghan fell in love even more.

Let’s take a look back to the Americas, but now on the south: Brazil host one of the most joyful cities in the world. Rio de Janeiro is a synonym of being happy, the Carnival parties and parades are beyond the imaginable, the music that goes from the moved Samba and Capoeira to the chilled Bossa Nova. Everyone there is always smiling and those tropical vibes are contagious. Don’t miss the Corcovado, the immense coastal line and maybe a short football match with the locals.

Moving into a more exotic destination, we will find the incredible Papua New Guinea. Yes, a place so exotic that the culture shock is something one must be aware of. Tribalism and contact with nature are part of the routine, but the islands have captivating landscapes and things to do that you’ll want to go back.

Last but not least, Asia holds an incredible landlocked country, Laos. Religious tourism here is a must as its major cities count with beautiful temples and traditions that blend well with the modern era buildings. In Laos you’ll find an incredible amount of places filled with forests and lakes that will make trekking have a new meaning. The culture and language shock could be hard at first, but nothing to worry about.

The world is waiting to be seen and discovered. Plan your trips soon!