Places To Visit In Asia

Where to go on an adventure in Asia

Traveling is an unique experience that gives enrichment, knowledge, peace, when you travel you open your mind to new information and sensations, it is relaxing and provides you new strength to face and live life, sometimes we need the peace of a serene beautiful landscape, or places full of history, but there is a kind of trip that is very popular, especially among young people, it is the tourism of adventure.


Many people want to feel the adrenaline and excitement that come with challenging activities, and tourism can provide you with that, surfing, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, climbing, and more, the awesome experience of visit some wild destination, like jungles or mountains can make you feel your heart beating, it can be addictive! And sometimes that is just what we need.


Asia a wonderful giant


Asia is a huge continent, in fact, it is the largest and most populated continent on earth, being so big, there are many diverse cultures, climate, religions, languages and more, it has a long and impressive culture and history and the the most relevant religions of today, buddhism, islam, jewish and christianity,  have been originated in that continent which has the most sacred places of those religions.


Asia is also a continent full of magic, traditions, adventures and more, you can find cold weather in Siberia, tropical weather of Philippines or hot weather of countries like Iran, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, you can find magic in the traditions and historic places, and you definitely will love the really amazing landscapes.


Adventures in Asia, where to go


Many people want beautiful and quiet places when they travel, they escape from stress and troubles of modern life breathing the atmosphere of peace that can be found in some places, and others like adventure instead, and Asia has many ideal places for that kind of trips, you can perform a lot of exciting activities that will give you the best experience ever.


This continent is so big that the list of all the attractions would be enormous, but you will find some places in Southeast Asia region you will love if you want adventures


  • Philippines, in this beautiful country you will be able to practice diving in Palawan (shipwrecking), Malapascua, Moalboal and Apo Reef; zipline in Lake Sebu; canyoning in Cebu, Surfing in Siargao and kitesurfing in Boracay islands.


  • Vietnam, this country, famous because the past war of Vietnam, has adventures to offer, like, sandboarding in Mui Ne; kayak in Ha Long Bay and Cat Bay; Trekking in Sapa and Canyoning in Dalat.


  • Thailand, in this mythical country you will do kayak in Phang Nga Bay, river rafting in Pai River, Surfing in Phuket, Trekking in North Thailand, diving in Koh Tao, rock climbing in Railay and Ton Sai.


  • Indonesia, there you can practice diving in Gili Islands, in Bali you can practice several exciting activities, like surfing, canyoning or river rafting; you can also practice volcano trekking, and more.