Argentina best Museums

Museums you must visit in Argentina!

Argentina is the second largest country in South America which means there is plenty of space to host many things that must be seen. You probably recognize it because of the romance of a tango dance, for the taste and quality of the meat and for being the home of two of the greatest soccer players in history, but there’s much more. Argentina has a rich culture that has manifested through an incredible amount of forms of art and science that could be seen in its museums. Are you planning a visit to this beautiful country soon? Then include a visit to these museums in your trip!

The trip could begin at the Museo de la Plata. This is one of the most varied museums in the country when it comes to show wildlife and not just the one that can be found nowadays but creatures from the past such as the saber-toothed tigers or giant sloths. The most incredible antiques found by Argentine archaeologists can be seen in the Egyptian room, one of the 23 that are distributed all over the museum. You just need to ride a cab for an hour to get there from Buenos Aires, so don’t worry if you need a towing service or a gas station, you will find a few on the way.

If you arrived to Buenos Aires first, step into the largest art collection of Latin America open to public at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Maybe one of the most appropriate places to learn about the history of art thanks to its more than 11,500 works. This museum is dedicated to show masterpieces made by Argentinean and European artists (that include Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, Degas, Morisot, among others) that reveal the depiction of their worlds from the Middle Ages to the past century.

Moving a little more to the South we can find the best playground for those paleontology enthusiasts at the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio. This playground consists in a workshop where visitors get the chance to work with paleontologist tools as if they were on an excavation. As The Patagonia, located in the southern part of the country, was once home to many dinosaur species, there are many fossils that make this collection a one worth watching. Hop on to an English tour and get to know the local Argentosaurus.


The trip might finish in the north of the country at the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña. This museum holds one of the most outstanding archaeology exhibitions around the world with a main attraction of three Incan children that once lived in the current province of Salta and were sacrificed to the gods and preserved by the eruption of the Llullaillaco volcano. It’s proven that one of the children received the impact of a lightning after that! They’re well preserved along with many other historic pieces that will make you learn about Argentinean past.

There are more museums to visit, and now you know where to start!