oneplus nord 2 Smartphone With a Superb Battery Life


The new smartphone from Oppo called the OnePlus Nord is different from its predecessors. It features a complete user interface that provides a smooth and speedy mobile experience. The unique feature of the Oppo smartphone is the presence of dual cameras. The first camera offers a standard-size view, while the other one can be used to shoot clear images. You can use both cameras for taking clear images. This unique feature makes the smartphone perfect for those who love taking pictures with multiple options.

One of the unique features of the Oppo smartphone is the fact that it features high-end technologies. The device has a 16-mega-pixel main camera along with an eight mega-pixel front-facing camera. The two cameras are supported by dedicated image processing hardware and an automatic facial recognition system for capturing photos in time. The Android OS 5.1 installed in the phone has several advanced features. The device also supports Bluetooth 4.0, HIDGE 2.4, MMS, and Varying Seconds. oneplus nord 2

One of the important features of the smartphone is the ability to use it on any network and at any price point. As mentioned earlier, the device supports microSD for storing extra data and also supports dual-mode Bluetooth for accessing your Bluetooth headset. The microSD slot can support cards that have large storage capacity like the Advanced Storage Format (ATA) or the FAT 32. The Oppo smartphone offers support for up to two hundred and fifty cards in total.

One of the biggest advantages of the One Plus Nordic 2 is its ability to act as a portable music player. The device also comes with a free version of Parrot Zik wireless fitness video recorder. The one plus 2 have the ability to act as a camera and a video player at the same time. This gives the device the ability to act as both a camera and a video player. Apart from this, the device can also connect to a USB port for fast charging.

The smartphone has been designed to perform well when it comes to navigating through busy applications and getting through the day. The battery has enough juice to last for more than seven and a half hours of screen time on a single charge. The device also comes with a neat physical home button which makes it easier to find and press for apps. The capacitive display has great brightness and a large color screen.

OnePlus has priced the smartphone in an attractive way, which makes it highly competitive with other smart phones in the market. At just 4.5 inches, the OnePlus Nordic 2 is very compact. Compared to some of the high-end smartphones, which are available at a higher cost, the OnePlus Nordic 2 has come up with a smart price tag. The overall performance of this smartphone is excellent with long battery life and attractive looks.

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