OPPO A54 – A Budget Phone With All the Amenities


The Oppo A544i is an affordable modern mobile phone from the Oppo group that features cutting edge technology and a variety of useful features. This handset has all the standard features one would expect from an advanced handset. It is equipped with an advanced display with a resolution of 1080 pixels and an elegant look. There is a dual camera facility where one can shoot both still and video images with the help of the self-timer feature. This handset comes with a 2 Mega Pixels camera, inbuilt camera flash, MMS, and lots of memory storage space to accommodate your pictures and videos.

If you are thinking of buying this Oppo A544i then here are some features you need to know about this amazing mobile phone. The Oppo A544i is a budget mobile phone that features a 2 Mega Pixels camera and is powered by the advanced revision of the ATEX series of the Mobile network operators in India like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. It comes with a powerful quad-core processor, a large capacity RAM, a large battery, a micro SD card, an 8 mega speaker grill and an infrared camera. With all these facilities, you can say that this handset is like an all in one mobile phone that can perform multiple tasks. The OPPO A544i is a wonderful device that comes with all the basic facilities of an advanced mobile phone. OPPO A54

With the advanced imaging technologies provided, OPPO A54 has three main cameras – a front facing camera, a rear facing camera and a GPS/orientation sensitive camera. In the video section, there is a provision for recording videos at up to HD quality. Apart from the video recording feature, this handset comes with an innovative image stabilization mechanism that will help to capture sharp images in all light situations. The OPPO A54 has also provided a number of user friendly facilities including the weather forecasts, internet access and high volume dialing.

An interesting feature of OPPO A54 is its complete absence of any USB port which has made it the most suitable affordable phone for travelers. All the communication functions are managed through the microSD card which acts as the storage facility for all the data. Moreover, the microSD can be updated easily through its internal memory. Another unique feature provided by OPPO A54 is its unique double voltage charging system which allows it to charge the phone using the USB connection as well. This amazing feature makes OPPO A 1954 a unique and affordable phone.

As far as the camera is concerned, OPPO A54 comes with two variants. The first model has been equipped with a digital image stabilizer which ensures that the pictures come out as clear and beautiful. The second variant of OPPO A 54 has a built-in image stabilization which eliminates the need for external camera support. This amazing feature enables you to take high quality pictures even in the low light situations. The OPPO A54 is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system as well as the iPod touch which is considered to be the perfect music device.

With the help of this amazing device, OPPO has successfully created a unique concept which has become popular amongst the youngsters. You can browse and buy OPPO A54 from various online portals at affordable rates which include free gifts and additional freebies. Moreover, this fantastic product has also received great response from users as it offers a host of innovative features. The best part of OPPO A544i is that it can be conveniently used whether you are on the move or at home. Thus, you can say that OPPO A544i is the perfect gadget for those who love trendy and chic devices at pocket friendly prices.

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